Mosaic Sales proudly welcomes HOURS IS YOURS to its portfolio of assorted brands. We are honored and pleased to distribute the brand and its premium footwear products — see below for an exclusive sneak-peek.

HOURS IS YOURS opens its doors as a skater owned footwear company for 2021. Created by Bryan Herman and Dennis Martin as an authentic skate and lifestyle footwear company within the skateboard industry, Hours is Yours is a destination for quality product made by Skateboarders with everyone in mind. Herman and Martin come with over 15 years experience in footwear from design, merchandizing, and marketing. We’re going inside out with everything we do and it starts with Skateboarders and Skateboarding first. 

Dedicated to restoring authenticity in the skateboard industry, Hours is Yours pays homage to the legends that have inspired us while creating opportunity for future generations. 


After many years in the Skate and Footwear industry, I always wanted to create a casual yet functional footwear brand inspired by past and present styles. I remember this photo of Gonz in Paris wearing some Penny Loafers way back, and that was one of the first styles I wanted to make. I look forward to paying it forward to the next generation of skaters who put in the hours for their passion of Skateboarding” Says Founder Dennis Martin

Those who create have the chance to innovate. I’ve always had a passion for designing skate shoes, and it was amazing creating some iconic shoes over the years. So with the kindness of my heart we dig to the core and take our passion for designing shoes to a new level. Skater owned and run with love and thought for all skateboarders in the world. Sometimes you need to take back what’s rightfully ours, Hours is Yours! “ Says Founder Bryan Herman

HOURS IS YOURS Collection 1 incapsulates our brand ethos of color and design style, creating an original skater made footwear company. Combining fashion-forward silhouettes with a tonal color pallet these skate and casual styles. Set the stage for what’s to come. We think of it as “Future Classics”.

View Hour’s first lookbook here at their website. And also have a visit at their official Instagram channel