Our Brands


HUF-owner Keith Hufnagel grew up skateboarding in the streets for NYC. Moving to SF in ’92 to pursue his passion, he became a professional skateboarder, providing him a rare and rewarding opportunity to travel the world through the skateboarding industry. Out of his experience as a professional skateboarder, Keith acquired a unique view and ability to blend his inspiration from the cultures that surround him. This outlook became a vision, which materialized into what has become HUF.

HUF now specializes in the production of high-quality apparel, footwear and skateboard products, operating out of its downtown Los Angeles Headquarters.
Shaped by the ever-progressive and evolving culture that is skateboarding, Keith Hufnagel incorporated these qualities into the design and practices that comprise HUF. Keith’s first love has always been and always will be skateboarding. He continues to give back to his roots through the company, maintaining the respect and influence HUF has over the skateboard and streetwear communities.


Lakai Limited Footwear

Lakai is a Los Angeles, California based footwear manufacturer that enjoys a rich history in the skateboarding lifestyle. Founded by professional skateboarders Mike Carroll and Rick Howard in 1999, Lakai is built on the dedication and pride they have always invested into their skateboarding and the Girl and Chocolate brands. With a focus on creating an atmosphere that is supportive and motivating while developing a product line that team riders can be proud of, Lakai has maintained a unique level of integrity and respect within the skateboarding community since its inception.

Lakai footwear is professionally endorsed by Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Vincent Alvarez, Stevie Perez, Riley Hawk, Yonnie Cruz, Simon Bannerot, Griffin Gass, Tyler Pacheco, Jimmy Wilkins and amateur talent James Capps, Nico Hiraga,and Greg Dehart.



Established in 2007, Doughnut started making backpacks, bags accessories and other travel essentials. ‘Integrating fashion and functionality’ are hallmarks of Doughnut and these factors are key in ensuring that every Doughnut product is consistently of the utmost quality, reasonably priced and unique from what is commonly found out there. After years of constant innovation, we continues to push the boundaries and challenging our designers to investigate new materials, styles and concepts We are proud to have you in our journey and honored to have us in yours in every time zone; on every continent; with everyone in the world.


Primitive Skateboarding

Primitive is a celebration of skateboarding and the rich subcultures that live alongside it. From the next block to the next hemisphere, we explore all environments and engage with all communities rooted in creativity and passionate expression. From grimy to refined, we tell the honest stories of the beautifully imperfect cultures that make us who we are. The quality and depth of the Primitive ethos is reflected in our athletes and distinctive range of products, created to celebrate the intersection of these ideas.


DGK Dirty Ghetto Kids

Started in 2002, DGK is a tribute to skaters who come from less advantaged backgrounds. The acronym which stands for Dirty Ghetto Kids was what other skaters at Philadelphia’s Love Park called the original DGK crew because they were from the wrong side of the tracks. They took the name and branded themselves with it, not knowing that one day it would turn into a global line available everywhere from the most core skate shops to the most elite boutiques. It represents turning a negative into a positive and making something out of nothing against all odds. DGK’s graphics and apparel make bold statements that differentiates the brand from everything else out there, which is why it’s developed a cult following both in and out of skateboarding.


PRO: Stevie Williams, Marcus McBride, Josh Kalis, Wade Desarmo, Marquise Henry, Boo Johnson, Dane Vaughn

AM: Derrick Wilson, Darius Woogie Jackson, Dwayne Fagundes, Ricky Chavez, John Shanahan, Juan Moreno, Maurice Jordan, Quel Haddox



Poler Outdoor Stuff is a brand created to bridge the gap between actionsports and traditional outdoor activities, recognizing that a modern active outdoor lifestyle encompasses them both.

They make stuff for the roamers and seekers, the nomads and the vagabonds. And they celebrate all adventures, because all adventures are awesome in their own ways. Poler products combine classic design with modern materials to create functional and innovative gear that you can use. Suitable for everyday life in the city and ready for your next excursion into the wild. Nothing but #campvibes for sure.


The Quiet Life

The Quiet Life is a premium young contemporary mens wear/street wear brand based in Los Angeles. Founded by Andy Mueller in Chicago, Quiet Life has been on and off since 1997. Consistently creating forward thinking clothing and accessory designs using art, design, illustration, graphics, typography and photography influences through their collections. Renowned for their creative cut and sew designs and of course their extensive head wear collections.



A brand started by a group of friends filming around Los Angeles in an old mini Van. WKND is finding the light side of skateboarding from the carpool lane.


SML Wheels

Small Wheels, also known as SML. Wheels was created by lifelong skateboarders who were friends long before business partners. Small is entirely owned and operated by everyday skateboarders including frontmen James Craig and Austyn Gillette. Sml. is about keeping it fun, simple and top notch. Sml. is´nt concerned with dominating the world, they just want to make quality wheels that skateboarders can ride with pride.



Paul Shier, Sylvain Tognelli, Tom Knox, Jon Nguyen, Chris Jones, Nick Jensen.



New York designer and manufacturer of skateboards and clothing built for skateboarders who live for the streets. Jimmy Mcdonald, Silvester Eduardo, Jordan Trahan, Karim Calendar, Elijah Cole, Danny Valla, Keith Hardy, Joe Tookmanian, Tombo Colabraro, Mark Nardelli, Brandon Jacobson, Dan Pensyl, Willy Akers, Guillaume Dulout, Akiri Ishizawa, Steve Rodriguez.


FILM Trucks

Created in 2000 by Jeremie Daclin, FILM was originally Cliche´ Skateboards sister company. Today, FILM Trucks is reborn rising from its ashes with unique and original designs. Film Trucks are made to carve, built for slappies, grinding pool coping and having fun on any DIY obstacles.

CORTINA Bearings

is about more than just bearings. Art, packaging and the desire to bring innovative skate goods to market heavily inspires our creative process. Our focus is on signature models that highlight the style and personality of our favorite pros. Aesthetic design details are just as important to us as functionality. It´s how we have fun doing what we do.. But don´t get it twisted! Two years of product development have gone into the design of our bearings. They’ve been proven to deliver reliability, longevity and superior performance for some of the hardest skating guys in the world. GET ‘EM IN!

– Cortina Bearing Co.


Dial Tone is a fresh new wheel company coming out of NYC from the boys at Theories of Atlantis. The brand captures a classic analog vibe combined with a tight, solid crew, representing different elements of the underground skate scene from the east to west coast. The team style master Jahmal Williams, SF shredder Ben Gore, the seasoned talents of Alexis Sablone as well as WKND am Sully Cardenas and Politic’s Brian Powderly.


Established in 2012, Lefrik started designing urban bags, backpacks and travel essentials using the highest quality eco-friendly fabrics made out of recycled plastic PET bottles.

The ephemeral use we give to plastic bottles compared to the number of years that are required for the material to degrade, is one of the world’s biggest threats. Lefrik offers conscious consumers access to innovative products that while still being cool and savvy, are made avoiding the use of more natural resources, saving energy and CO2 to the planet.
Lefrik is member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and follows the Fair Wear Foundation code of conduct. We are PETA approved vegantoo.


Launched in 2012, Parlez is a streetwear & lifestyle brand based in Bristol, UK.

Drawing inspiration from iconic sportswear & nautical aesthetics, we focus on simple silhouettes, functionality and understated branding, to create minimal, timeless staples where vintage and outdoor influence meets streetwear style.


Hours is Yours

Hours is yours

Hours is Yours opens its doors as a skater owned footwear company for 2021. Created by Bryan Herman and Dennis Martin as an authentic skate and lifestyle footwear company within the skateboard industry, Hours Is Yours is a destination for quality product made by Skateboarders with everyone in mind. Herman and Martin come with over 15 years experience in footwear from design, merchandizing, and marketing. We’re going inside out with everything we do and it starts with Skateboarders and Skateboarding first.

Dedicated to restoring authenticity in the skateboard industry, HOURS pays homage to the legends that have inspired us while creating oppertunity for future generations.




Skateboarding, like art, is about opportunities. It is about creativity. It is about being creative enough to take your opportunities and make the best of them. Create fun. Create havoc. Create something new and original. Skateboarding is about looking at an object and seeing it in a completely different light than 99% of the people on this planet. It‘s about taking that object and adapting to it; applying a brand new technique to it. Skateboarding is about grabbing those opportunities. About skating that bank that‘s usually a bust except for the 15 minutes between 5:30 pm and 5:45 pm when the guards change shifts. It‘s about seeing opportunities where none had existed before. It‘s about creating those opportunities when none are apparent. Skateboarding can be about pain. Skateboarding can invariably be about joy…all kinds of successes and achieving goals.

But you get out of it what you put into it. You‘ll find your skills improve with practice; your techniques improve over time. Your judgment even improves along with all of that eventually. Skateboarding is about frustration. The inability to land that trick. The inability for your parents or teachers to understand your obsession with a „useless piece of wood.“ Skateboarding mirrors real life like a charm. Success, setbacks, downfalls, disappointments, victories, defeats, slams, lands, learning and forgetting. Around the next corner could be a cop or a brand new slick ledge you‘ve never seen before. You may get harassed or assaulted. But there‘s only one way to find out. Don‘t be afraid. Give it a good push and see what happens next. If you‘re scared, push just a little harder. Oh yeah. I‘m not talking about skateboarding anymore. I‘m talking about life. But for a skateboarder it‘s the same thing.

Starting a European skateboard company out of the German backwoods in the year 2000 was by no means an easy endeavor. But skateboarding has always meant more to us then „Action Sport“, „Fashion Trend“ or „X-treme“. Skateboarding has, over the past 30 years, been the one constant in our lives. It has shaped us by offering pure freedom of expression. No rules, no regulations – only opportunities. Consequently MOB Skateboards was founded inspired by a past with skateboarding and motivated by visions of its future.

Ultimately MOB Skateboards is about nothing but skateboarding. The victory of optimism over experience is not only the engine room of skateboarding it is also the engine room of our company.

Love skateboarding. Hate skateboarding. MOB steady. Always.



The POLSTER Truck & Tool Company. All Directions. No Destination. Since 2008

The POLSTER STAGE 6 Truck is a medium height skateboard truck with a classic yet significant look, available in 4.25” (108mm), 4.5” (114mm), 5.0” (127mm), 5.25” (134mm), 5.5” (140mm) & 5.85” (148mm) and in a variety of colorways and finishes. POLSTER TRUCKS are made from T6 heat treated 356 aluminum which combines maximum strength and minimum weight.

The 4041 chromemoly alloy steel axle features beveled tips to prevent the thread-ends from being damaged by impact or friction. The bushings, which sit snug between two flat-washers, are manufactured exclusively for POLSTER TRUCKS from high rebound urethane which makes the STAGE 6 truck quick to respond while still allowing for a smooth and stable ride.

STAGE 6 Trucks feature a Hollow New School Grade 8 steel kingpin and a re-inforced Pivot-Seat. The ribbed shaft prevents slipping of the kingpin even after months of wear and tear. By getting rid of as much surplus material as possible without compromising stability, the STAGE 6 baseplate is engineered to be lightweight yet robust. The LIGHT & TITAN HYPERLIGHT Models feature a hollow Axle additionally to the Hollow Kingpin for even less weight and more Pop.



A crew of friends sharing a common passion for skateboarding started to print some tee-shirts.

They dreamed of an alternative brand focusing on quality and original graphics far from the expensive American brands and their average styles.

They wanted to build their own “project” to support their scene, the Spanish scene, which is now one of the most active in Europe.

A couple of years later, in 2001, NOMAD SKATEBOARDS was created as the first skateboard brand in Spain. Explicit reference to the nomadism, the brand is based on values and experiences gained through a lot of travelling, meeting foreign skateboarders and the discoveries of new spots.

Now established in more than 22 countries, we are actively supporting the European scene. Widely involved in the underground artistic scene of Zaragoza, NOMAD SKATEBOARDS works with designers and artists to give them the opportunity to express themselves and keep it original and real.
Through our progress and evolution we still keep in mind that a brand is not only a logo, but products reflecting a way of thinking and behaving. Which is closely linked to what we love most: SKATEBOARDING.